[Mono-devel-list] Building on linux ppc from svn

Jeffrey Knight jeffrey.knight at gmail.com
Sat Mar 26 13:48:05 EST 2005

On linuxppc (ibook g3 gentoo), I had 2 build-breaking issues when
building from scratch from svn today  (with the usual ./autogen.sh):

Issue #1: Error: *** libtool.m4 and ltmain.sh have a version mismatch! ***
Fix (hack?): change mono/libgc/ltmain.sh:58 to  VERSION=1.5.14
(does it normally matter that mono/ltmain.sh and mono/libgc/ltmain.sh
have different libtool version numberrs?)

Issue #2: the build errs out on reflection.c 4239
Fix: linuxppc needs --with_tls=pthread.
Breaking out powerpc-*-linux* to its own section in configure.in that
includes with_tls=pthread, rerunning autogen.sh and building fixed
this for me:

<       macppc-*-openbsd* | powerpc-*-linux* | powerpc-*-openbsd* | \
>       powerpc-*-linux*)
>               TARGET=POWERPC;
>               AC_DEFINE(MONO_ARCH_REGPARMS,1,[Architecture uses registers for Parameters])
>               arch_target=ppc;
>               JIT_SUPPORTED=yes
>               jit_wanted=true
>               with_tls=pthread
>               ;;
>       macppc-*-openbsd* | powerpc-*-openbsd* | \


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