[Mono-devel-list] Pascal compiler - say what?

Andreas Hausladen Andreas.Hausladen at gmx.de
Wed Mar 16 11:53:05 EST 2005

>Who uses Pascal anymore?
I use it on a daily base.

>Hasn't everyone (that's serious) moved on to C++, Java and/or C#?
I also write C# programs. (I leave out Java and C++ in this mail)

>Are there jobs in Pascal anymore?
Yes, there are. But most are not "plain" Pascal, they are Delphi. Ever 
used Delphi for GUI or Server applications? C# is a really good language 
(it also shares the same father Delphi has) with lots of potentical. But 
everybody has a prefered language he wants to write programs in. My is 
Delphi, but I also write programs in C# if I think C# is the better 
language for it. For example I write an ASP.NET application in C# and 
not in Delphi.NET because I want it to work in Mono, too. But I write an 
GUI application in Delphi because Delphi's VCL is still a killer framework.

>It makes little sense to hack up something such as a Pascal compiler (no small task, btw) if no
>one except the three people working on it will use it--or care if it exists.
That depends on marketing.

>If someone has academic interests I would say go for it;
Have you ever looked at Delphi. If your knowledge comes from "old" 
Pascal then you do not know that Delphi has envolved the Pascal language 
for years. Ever heard of "virtual constructors", one of the features I 
really like in Delphi because it can make life really easy. If you want 
virtual constructors in C# you must use the Activator and Reflection. 
And even then it is more or less a undertake without compile-time type 

>Pascal is definitely a great language;
Sure, but the Delphi language is a more powerfull language.


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