[Mono-devel-list] Re: How can Mono Existing if WinFX, Avalon, Indigio and Aero comes up with Longhorn and WinXP?

John Bailo jabailo at earthlink.net
Mon Sep 13 19:54:39 EDT 2004

falkmilan at yahoo.de wrote:

> Etienne Boucher wrote:
>> WinFX was not dropped, the SQL based file system that was part of 
>> WinFX, WinFS, was. Aero (display) and Indigo (communication) are 
>> still planned.
> Aero is not the Display Unit of Longhorn, it is Avalon. Aero is only 
> the Desktopsystem thadt
> is based on Avalon, take a look of Icaza's Words

You know.

After 20 years in IT you know what the biggest mistake of all is?

It's getting all twisted over a bunch of Micrsoft Vaporware with lots of 
pretty names.

Microsoft uses this technique to disparge and thwart people who are way 
ahead of it in terms of programming and technology.

They hear these words like 'Avalon' and they assume 'oh these Microsoft 
guys are so smart -- why bother'

But, in the end, M$ never releases half of what it says...and at the 
point that the other guy drops his spear in the sand, M$ definitely 
doesn't expend the energy to develop it.

So, in the end the develop gets thwarted, the users never get the 
functionality, and Microsoft can charge people money without having done 
any work.

Let's just keep going with mono, gtksharp and so on.

99.9999 percent of what 'LongWait' is can, and is being built at the 
application level.

And, with OSS and Linux, it can more easily push its way into the OS -- 
where appropriate.

Don't be fooled by Microsoft Tricksters and Trolls !

> <snip>
>      Avalon plans
> On the surface Avalaon seems like it uses something like GdiPlus/Cairo 
> for rendering. That was my initial feeling, but it turns out that they 
> had to rewrite everything to have a performing rendering engine, and 
> implement some very advanced rendering features that include 
> compositing with video streams, also their brushes seem to be fairly 
> powerful.
> XAML, a new markup language that binds tags to .NET classes was also 
> presented, but this is the least interesting part. A tiny compiler 
> translates the XAML source files into C# code. The whole process is 
> just like Glade, and should be easy to do.
> The really elaborate parts are the rendering engine, and the 
> composition model for widgets. It is a complete new toolkit, and if we 
> want to implement this one, we will have to have a new toolkit on 
> Unix, incompatible with everything else, maybe stressing the 
> importance of working with other open source projects in defining a 
> cross-toolkit theming strategy to address this particular problem.
> A Mini-Avalon is easy to do, but a complete one will require much 
> interaction with other groups: the Cairo folks are probably the most 
> qualified to assist us.
> Source:
> http://www.go-mono.com/mono-hacking-roadmap.html
> </snip>
>> I think it has been said that Aero would be easier to implement in 
>> Mono than  
> look at above, then you see the reality
> Falk
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