[Mono-devel-list] Re: How can Mono Existing if WinFX, Avalon, Indigio and Aero comes up with Longhorn and WinXP?

falkmilan at yahoo.de falkmilan at yahoo.de
Mon Sep 13 19:38:12 EDT 2004

Etienne Boucher wrote:

>WinFX was not dropped, the SQL based file system that was part of WinFX, 
>WinFS, was. Aero (display) and Indigo (communication) are still planned.

Aero is not the Display Unit of Longhorn, it is Avalon. Aero is only the 
Desktopsystem thadt
is based on Avalon, take a look of Icaza's Words


      Avalon plans

On the surface Avalaon seems like it uses something like GdiPlus/Cairo 
for rendering. That was my initial feeling, but it turns out that they 
had to rewrite everything to have a performing rendering engine, and 
implement some very advanced rendering features that include compositing 
with video streams, also their brushes seem to be fairly powerful.

XAML, a new markup language that binds tags to .NET classes was also 
presented, but this is the least interesting part. A tiny compiler 
translates the XAML source files into C# code. The whole process is just 
like Glade, and should be easy to do.

The really elaborate parts are the rendering engine, and the composition 
model for widgets. It is a complete new toolkit, and if we want to 
implement this one, we will have to have a new toolkit on Unix, 
incompatible with everything else, maybe stressing the importance of 
working with other open source projects in defining a cross-toolkit 
theming strategy to address this particular problem.

A Mini-Avalon is easy to do, but a complete one will require much 
interaction with other groups: the Cairo folks are probably the most 
qualified to assist us.



>I think it has been said that Aero would be easier to implement in Mono than 
look at above, then you see the reality


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