[Mono-devel-list] Re: How can Mono Existing if WinFX, Avalon, Indigio and Aero comes up with Longhorn and WinXP?

falkmilan at yahoo.de falkmilan at yahoo.de
Mon Sep 13 20:45:32 EDT 2004

Iam amusing.

If you dont like Microsoft (like i do) why do you working side by side 
on a Port
of its strategic Core Product?

You are a littlte bit masochistic??

Iam not a Microsoft Lawyer and iam only develop Software in C/C++ and 
Java on all
Platforms my customers asking me for to write Software.

After 10 Years Software Development in C/C++ and x86 Assembler  and SQL 
there to many
poor things on DOS and Windows Platforms  and Java helps me to forget 
all this nastig

In Java i have a Virtual Machine and inside this my Programm works fin 
on every OS where
a Virtual Machine is present. What should i say, it works fine for me 
and i have no Trouble with it.

Ad it is Source Open but not OpenSource and i feel really better if Java 
dont wanna OpenSource,
then any People can criple Java and the compatibility is blown away.

Better for me i have checked and certified JVM (exceptionally the 
Blackdown OpenSource Project)
SUN checks Blackdown also but for zero costs as tribute to OpenSource.

> You know.
> After 20 years in IT you know what the biggest mistake of all is?
> It's getting all twisted over a bunch of Micrsoft Vaporware with lots 
> of pretty names.
> Microsoft uses this technique to disparge and thwart people who are 
> way ahead of it in terms of programming and technology.
> They hear these words like 'Avalon' and they assume 'oh these 
> Microsoft guys are so smart -- why bother'
> But, in the end, M$ never releases half of what it says...and at the 
> point that the other guy drops his spear in the sand, M$ definitely 
> doesn't expend the energy to develop it.
> So, in the end the develop gets thwarted, the users never get the 
> functionality, and Microsoft can charge people money without having 
> done any work.
> Let's just keep going with mono, gtksharp and so on.
> 99.9999 percent of what 'LongWait' is can, and is being built at the 
> application level.
> And, with OSS and Linux, it can more easily push its way into the OS 
> -- where appropriate.
> Don't be fooled by Microsoft Tricksters and Trolls !
>> <snip>
>>      Avalon plans
>> On the surface Avalaon seems like it uses something like 
>> GdiPlus/Cairo for rendering. That was my initial feeling, but it 
>> turns out that they had to rewrite everything to have a performing 
>> rendering engine, and implement some very advanced rendering features 
>> that include compositing with video streams, also their brushes seem 
>> to be fairly powerful.
>> XAML, a new markup language that binds tags to .NET classes was also 
>> presented, but this is the least interesting part. A tiny compiler 
>> translates the XAML source files into C# code. The whole process is 
>> just like Glade, and should be easy to do.
>> The really elaborate parts are the rendering engine, and the 
>> composition model for widgets. It is a complete new toolkit, and if 
>> we want to implement this one, we will have to have a new toolkit on 
>> Unix, incompatible with everything else, maybe stressing the 
>> importance of working with other open source projects in defining a 
>> cross-toolkit theming strategy to address this particular problem.
>> A Mini-Avalon is easy to do, but a complete one will require much 
>> interaction with other groups: the Cairo folks are probably the most 
>> qualified to assist us.
>> Source:
>> http://www.go-mono.com/mono-hacking-roadmap.html
>> </snip>
>>> I think it has been said that Aero would be easier to implement in 
>>> Mono than 
>> look at above, then you see the reality
>> Falk
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