[Mono-devel-list] mono/GTK# deployment on Windows - What do I need to install on the Windows side?

Anset anset at anset.org
Wed Jun 2 09:01:55 EDT 2004


I want to develop a project under linux, using mono and GTK# and then
distribute it both for windows and linux.
Beacuse of the SWF/wine/cairo/... complexity, I have accepted that it makes
more sense to go GTK# if I want to be multi platform. My question is, what
do I need on the windows side?

I presume that .NET will not be enough since that does not have the gtk#
library, right?
So, can I install the GTK# dll on the .NET framework or do I have to install
mono aswel?

Is it, in general, possible to install mono libraries in the .NET GAC? At
the moment, with both mono and .NET installed, I have 2 separate GAC's on my
hard disk. Is this a choice by the mono developers or is it a neccesity? (I
did not see anything on this subject on the list before, but I admit I do
not read every post...) I agree that the .net framework dll that have been
ported to mono cannot be installed into the .NET GAC twice (a .NET and a
mono version), but that would not be a problem since mono can use .NET
dll's, right? One would not need to intall the mono version of those lib's,
or give the user a choice which he/she wants to keep/use. But I am drifting
away from my question, sorry.

Installing mono is definately not a problem per se, but it would make the
final product "distribution" (a lot) larger.
Since .NET is installed everywhere by MS by default these days, it would be
good not to force users to install mono if they do not want to.

One last thing: I've been looking for a recent win32 installer for GTK#, but
I cannot find any. the GTK# download page on sourceforge only has pre Beta1
packages, and those do not install into the mono GAC. Besides, I would
prefer working with a more recent build anyway. On linux I do not mind
compiling it my self, but I would prefer not to "taint" my windows computer
with development stuff, since that would make it a bad "end user test

On the Beta2 release notes, it says:
"Gtk# is part of this release as well: a set of .NET bindings for the Gtk+
toolkit. "
But that does not appear to be the case for the windows instaler... (Nor
does the monodevelop package, even though it too is announced on the release
notes page. But I'm developing on linux, so I do not mind about that.) In a
few older mono releases,  there was a gtk# installer. It would be very nice
if this could be done again. If not now, than for the official mono 1.0
release, it would be nice to see a gtk# installer... (and a monodevelop,
and.... Oeps, being greedy again, sorry).

And finally, just FYI, the Beta2 download pages for linux have a header that
says: "Mono 1.0 Beta 1 Release:" Should be Beta2, but I am sure that has
been reported allready.

Sorry for the long email. I have been  following (or at least been trying
to) the mail lists for the last couple of months, but things are just
getting less and less clear for me. I am sure all these things have been
answered in a couple of places allready, but I could not find a definitive

Thank you for your time,


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