[Mono-devel-list] mono/GTK# deployment on Windows - What do I need to install on the Windows side?

John Luke jluke at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Jun 3 12:33:17 EDT 2004

Anset wrote:

>I want to develop a project under linux, using mono and GTK# and then
>distribute it both for windows and linux.
>Beacuse of the SWF/wine/cairo/... complexity, I have accepted that it makes
>more sense to go GTK# if I want to be multi platform. My question is, what
>do I need on the windows side?
>I presume that .NET will not be enough since that does not have the gtk#
>library, right?
>So, can I install the GTK# dll on the .NET framework or do I have to install
>mono aswel?
You just need Gtk# (and its GTK+ dependencies) and .NET.  Someone just 
needs to make an installer, which isn't really possible with the GAC 
changes yet.  I posted a patch yesterday on gtk-sharp-list which will 
make it easier, as soon as the kinks are worked out.  If any of the 
previous authors of gtk# installers can point me to the installer script 
or installer project source I would be interested in trying to update it.

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