[Mono-devel-list] FW: Case Sensitivity On Windows

Charlie Poole cpoole at pooleconsulting.com
Thu Jul 29 01:38:32 EDT 2004

Hi again...

Maybe I buried the question too deep in the paragraph:

Mono seems to to enforce case-sensitivity in recognizing files
even when running on an OS that does not enforce case-sensitivity.

Is this by design?


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> Hi All,
> Some of my tests of NUnit fail because they are loading "NUnit.Tests.dll"
> rather than "nunit.tests.dll" using Assembly.Load(). Of course, I need
> to fix this, so the tests run on all platforms. But this failure is 
> happening even when running mono 1.0 on Windows. Is this by design?
> Shouldn't file loading, opening, etc. follow the conventions of the 
> underlying OS?
> Charlie
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