[Mono-devel-list] mono live disc

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Wed Nov 26 07:33:33 EST 2003


>     I can probably get the disc down to ~450MB or so. Going beyond that 
> will get a little hairy because of the interdependencies of the debian 
> packages. dasBlog and nGallery may be a little while away as I am not 
> aware of anyone actively porting them to mono. As these things get done, 
> however, it'd be ridiculously easy to merge them in. I'd like to get the 
> 0.1 disc ready with whatever we have right now so that any bugs and/or 
> annoyances that are found can be fixed.
> It probably means that we need to get one of the db servers on the disc 
> too. Which one is preferred? MySQL or PostgreSQL?
> Also, is a CD->HDD install a priority or not?

Either database would be fine, I have no personal preference, both
providers in Mono seem to be good.

I do not think that the CD->HDD install is very important.


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