[Mono-devel-list] mono live disc

Fawad fawad at taskperformance.com
Wed Nov 26 10:52:49 EST 2003

    I can probably get the disc down to ~450MB or so. Going beyond that 
will get a little hairy because of the interdependencies of the debian 
packages. dasBlog and nGallery may be a little while away as I am not 
aware of anyone actively porting them to mono. As these things get done, 
however, it'd be ridiculously easy to merge them in. I'd like to get the 
0.1 disc ready with whatever we have right now so that any bugs and/or 
annoyances that are found can be fixed.

It probably means that we need to get one of the db servers on the disc 
too. Which one is preferred? MySQL or PostgreSQL?

Also, is a CD->HDD install a priority or not?


Miguel de Icaza wrote:

>>I need your guys' opinion on what should or shouldn't be included on the 
>>disc. For obvious reasons, TeX and emacs packages have been dropped to 
>>make space for the mono stuff. Should the disc contain the bare minimum 
>>needed to demo mono or should it contain everything that can fill 700 
>>MB? Also, what OSS .NET apps can be included on the disc that make for a 
>>good showcase?
>Congratulations on the release!
>It would be nice if you could ship with a couple of ASP.NET apps like
>dasBlog, nGallery and a few others to showcase the code.
>I personally would not fill the CD, that way it takes less time to burn.

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