[Mono-devel-list] Re: Developing with Mono

Michael J. Ryan tracker1_lists at theroughnecks.com
Tue Nov 4 13:22:31 EST 2003

Phil Winstanley wrote:
> I'd like to develop with Mono, and have installed 0.28 on my Windows XP
> machine, I have also installed SharpDevelop.
> Is this the best IDE to use for Mono at the moment, or are there better
> ones? I'd like to try and avoid using the command line where I can ....

at this point, as far as IDEs go, SharpDevelop is probably the best for .Net
development (short of MS's Visual Studio .Net)... Personally, I use a good
text editor called Crimson (www.crimsoneditor.com), it works well under wine
on the linux side as well...

on the windows side, I am using .bat files for compiling, and using structured
directories for the source libraries... example

x:/projects/MyCompany.MyProject/  <-- project folder
in the project folder..
.../bin                           <-- folder for compiled files
.../buildAll.bat                  <-- runs all the library scripts (win-ms)
.../buildAll.sh                   <-- runs unix library scripts (lin-mono)

x:/projects/MyCompany.MyProject/MyLibrary/ <--library folder.

in the library folder...
.../MyCompany.MyProject.MyLibrary.bat <-- batch file compile (win-ms)
.../MyCompany.MyProject.MyLibrary.sh <-- shell script compile (lin-mono)

then the given indevidual files, with the smaller classes in the library
folder.. and subnamespaces in subfolders, but compiled into the parent dll.

this is just how I do this... other people's milage may vary.

on the windows side, in the treenav in crimson (doesn't work in wine), I just
right click, then shell-execute the .bat file for the library, or project
to run the compile.. I haven't been taking advantage of the debuggers for
ms's .net however.   The above setup works pretty well for me, a minor
change on asp.net stuff, is I have it drop into the /bin folder for the site
in question...

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