[Mono-devel-list] xsp future

dim dimsmol at rambler.ru
Thu Jul 3 03:23:13 EDT 2003

Do xsp have https support?
If not, is it planned?

Will xsp have an abillity to run more than one ASP.NET application in
different virtual directories?

At now mod_mono is pretty unusable - it is very slow because it compiles
aspx pages at every http query and much less stable than xsp.

Xsp works fine, but have very slow result delievering.

Working solution is to use apache for large statical content (images,
etc.) and xsp for aspx pages itself while xsp and mod_mono are growing

But even if we'll have fine-working mod_mono at nearest future, xsp is
very usable for developping local (or small network) web-based
applications - it is small, simply configurable and simply distributable
with such applications.

Thank You! :)))
Best regards, dim.

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