[Mono-devel-list] xsp future

Gonzalo Paniagua Javier gonzalo at ximian.com
Thu Jul 3 06:38:36 EDT 2003

El jue, 03-07-2003 a las 09:23, dim escribió:
> Do xsp have https support?
> If not, is it planned?

No, and there are no plans write now to add it.

> Will xsp have an abillity to run more than one ASP.NET application in
> different virtual directories?

Yes, we will add this.

> At now mod_mono is pretty unusable - it is very slow because it compiles
> aspx pages at every http query and much less stable than xsp.

That's because apache2 seems to unload the module after a few seconds of
inactivity. When it reloads the module, all the cache is lost.

> Xsp works fine, but have very slow result delievering.
> Working solution is to use apache for large statical content (images,
> etc.) and xsp for aspx pages itself while xsp and mod_mono are growing
> up.
> But even if we'll have fine-working mod_mono at nearest future, xsp is
> very usable for developping local (or small network) web-based
> applications - it is small, simply configurable and simply distributable
> with such applications.

That's the aim of xsp :), testing.
> Thank You! :)))

You're welcome.


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