[Mono-devel-list] bsd version of mono?

Robert Shade rshade at dvsconsulting.com
Tue Dec 2 12:53:27 EST 2003

I'm not sure.  Perhaps we could get into contact with the maintainer of
the gc on the various BSDs and see what they have to say.  Also, Mr. Boehm
seems to read this list, so perhaps he would know what the issues
are/could be.

I created a bug (51592) for this issue this morning, I am now recompiling
w/gc support to show the exact errors I'm getting.  But, from what I could
get from gdb awhile ago, it looks like it is somehow loosing objects.
(Trying to access invalid memory addresses).


> Rob,
> This seems like a fairly major bug, having no GC support when running
> applications on BSD.  Is someone working on this problem, or is there more
> information somewhere on the cause of the problem so I can look into why
> the GC doesn't work?
> Ryan Gregg

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