[Mono-devel-list] bsd version of mono?

Marc Recht recht at netbsd.org
Tue Dec 2 15:35:24 EST 2003

> I'm not sure.  Perhaps we could get into contact with the maintainer of
> the gc on the various BSDs and see what they have to say.  Also, Mr. Boehm
> seems to read this list, so perhaps he would know what the issues
> are/could be.
> I created a bug (51592) for this issue this morning, I am now recompiling
> w/gc support to show the exact errors I'm getting.  But, from what I could
> get from gdb awhile ago, it looks like it is somehow loosing objects.
> (Trying to access invalid memory addresses).

mono (testet mono- + a couple of patches) does quite well 
on NetBSD-current. This is with libgc turned on (but w/o threads in libgc).

Marc Recht
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