[Mono-bugs] [Bug 321541] Application.Idle called once per thread instead of 1 time only

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Wed May 30 12:18:50 UTC 2012



--- Comment #5 from Robert Wilkens <robwilkens at gmail.com> 2012-05-30 12:18:47 UTC ---
Ok, I was wrong, there is a difference between the way Microsoft does it and
the way Mono does it, and the way Microsoft does it makes more sense:

The second Application.Run() that is reached in Microsoft code immediately
exits.. It doesn't go into a message loop.

The second Application.Run() that is reached in Mono code continues on to
process the message loop.

What probably has to happen: In a multithreaded situation, when mono first gets
to Application.Run() before it starts processing the message loop, it should
set a flag (thread safe) which indicates it is active, and this should, on
subsequent calls to Application.Run() if that flag is set it should just
immediately return ..

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