[Mono-bugs] gmcs bug

Bogdan Klichuk bbodio at i.ua
Mon Apr 7 15:59:53 EDT 2008

A GMCS strange behaviour.
Hi, i have an interesting phenomen:
I compile a program using gmcs >= 1.2.4 and compilation stucks!
I have been writing a Jabber bot on C#, trying to compile on Mono.. I made a makefile, which compiles 10 projects into exe/dll. Seems there is no errors in the code, because when i use gmcs <=1.2.4  everything is ok -> program compiled.
When i take for example 1.2.6 gmcs - in some stage of compilation it just freezes: no errors, n warnings, no nothing, just waiting for it to be compiled! I waited for an hour but it didn't move any more... 1.2.4 compiles the program in some 5-6 seconds. Can it be a gmcs bug?? 
If it is interesting -> SVN repository of a project:

download it cd to it and: type "make" in terminal - it will try to compile...

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