[Mono-announce-list] ANNOUNCE: Tomboy 0.9.4 Released

Boyd Timothy btimothy at gmail.com
Mon Jan 14 16:20:06 EST 2008

Hey Everyone,

This email is to announce Tomboy 0.9.4, another development
release in the 0.9.x series.  This is our feature complete (not
bug-free release for GNOME 2.21.5).

Tomboy is a simple personal note-taking application designed to be
unobtrusive and friendly, while supporting inter-note-links similar to
a WikiWikiWeb to help you organize your notes and ideas.  It can run
either as a GNOME panel applet or a notification tray icon.

Tomboy's Website: http://www.gnome.org/projects/tomboy

Tomboy's Wiki: http://live.gnome.org/Tomboy
 * Road Map: http://live.gnome.org/Tomboy/RoadMap
 * Brainstorming: http://live.gnome.org/Tomboy/PlaceForNewIdeas

Tomboy is available at:

 md5sum: cd129afd70deffeedf5c4f656649ea9b
 size: 2.6M

 md5sum: 03f898f109a124ae7345761c69b073e6
 size: 2.0M

This release includes the following:

Version 0.9.4
* Fix crash during note deletion (#508110).
* Fix null reference exception (#508064).
* Fix mnemonics in sync preferences dialog (#501600, Alex Kloss).
* Fix fuse mount timeout for sync (#480736).
* New port option for SSH sync (#488117).
* New multi-select notes support in Search All Notes window (#508307).
* New config dialog for Insert Timestamp Add-in (#359168, Stefan Schweizer).
* New gconf preference, middle-click paste on Tomboy icon (#359167).
* New gconf preference, disable ESC closing notes (#444912, Stefan Schweizer).
* New paragraph within a bullet with SHIFT + ENTER.
* New bug numbers as links in Export to HTML (Stefan Schweizer).
* New notebook notes can be created off notebook's context menu.
* New sketching add-in (still incomplete, --enable-sketching, Jeff Tickle).
* New "Unfiled Notes" item to notebook list (#507946).
* New drag note to "Unfiled Notes" to remove from notebook (#508311).
* Translation updates: ar, ca, es, eu, it, ko, nb, sk

An amazing amount of work by a bunch of people went into Tomboy
just in the last week; feedback, bug reports, patches, bugfixes, etc.
Thank you everyone who helped out with this.  You're amazing!


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