[Gtk-sharp-list] Absolute positions of Treeview items

Thomas Mayer thomas at residuum.org
Sun Nov 7 08:25:50 EST 2010


I am currently implementing a Mono/GTK# clone of QJackCtl for
maintaining Jackd audio and midi connections. The basic functions are
already done, but I am still missing the display of connections, and I
am currently stuck with getting the position of Treeview items.

Here is the idea:
I maintain two Treeviews, one with readable/output clients and ports as
subitems of the clients, both as Treeiters, and the same for
writeable/input clients and ports. I would like to draw the connections
between ports using Cairo, but for that I need the y-Position of the
items, independent of user settings for fonts.

In the end I am aiming for this:

Any idea on how to accomplish that?

Thanks in advance,
Thomas aka Residuum.

PS: The application is on https://github.com/residuum/MonoMultiJack
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