[Gtk-sharp-list] GTK# Native look and feel under windows

Stéphane C skip5500 at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 9 10:00:08 EST 2010


I'm looking for a way to make my GTK# app respect the current windows XP theme. 
My forms look fine in Stetic designer but during execution, my whole app renders like an old win 3.11 application. Everything from buttons to tab controls and treeview headers is made of ugly gray rectangle buttons.

I have found some topic on this but no solution so far (Application.EnableVisualStyles only works with winform).

According to the introduction on GTK# home page it should work out the box (http://www.mono-project.com/GtkSharpDetails).

"The Mono packages for Windows include Gtk, Gtk# and the native theme to 
make your applications look like native Windows applications."
Or I wonder what *native* refers to, platform look without advanced theming?

I'm using lastest mono release (2.8). 
Any suggestion?

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