[Gtk-sharp-list] Installing Gtk# on Windows

Christian Hoff christian_hoff at gmx.net
Wed Nov 19 14:58:41 EST 2008

Alexy Khrabrov schrieb:
> Christian -- thanks, that worked!
> So now I can reference glib-sharp.dll and gtk-sharp.dll from F# 
> directly, and if glue DLLs are on the path, things run fine.  What I 
> wonder is, there's much extra files around each DLL, with .config and 
> whatnot.  Do any of the extra files help VS, and then how should I try 
> to preserve that info?
No, these files are not related to Visual Studio; they are needed for 
automake. The Medsphere installer seems to add a project type to VS via 
a registry hack, but no idea how they do it. You will have to look at 
the code in their SVN repository to find it out.
> Should I still try to gacutil the main DLLs into GAC?  Then which 
> gacutil should/can I use -- must 1.1 work, and is 3.5 OK?
No idea... I think the GAC is shared between the .net versions and it 
shouldn't matter, but I'm not sure. It is also very strange that VS 
doesn't display the assemblies even after they have been installed.


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