[Gtk-sharp-list] Installing Gtk# on Windows

Brad Taylor brad at getcoded.net
Wed Nov 19 15:05:22 EST 2008

On Wed, 2008-11-19 at 20:58 +0100, Christian Hoff wrote:
> Alexy Khrabrov schrieb:
> > Christian -- thanks, that worked!
> >
> > So now I can reference glib-sharp.dll and gtk-sharp.dll from F# 
> > directly, and if glue DLLs are on the path, things run fine.  What I 
> > wonder is, there's much extra files around each DLL, with .config and 
> > whatnot.  Do any of the extra files help VS, and then how should I try 
> > to preserve that info?
> No, these files are not related to Visual Studio; they are needed for 
> automake. The Medsphere installer seems to add a project type to VS via 
> a registry hack, but no idea how they do it. You will have to look at 
> the code in their SVN repository to find it out.

The old Medsphere installers (that were based upon Paco Martinez's
wonderful work) added a template file so that you could easily start a
Gtk# project, but Medsphere doesn't distribute those anymore.  If you
wanted to do that, I'm sure you could find a tutorial online somewhere.

To be able to add gtk-sharp and friends as references in Visual Studio,
current installers do the following:

          <RegistryKey Root="HKLM" Action="createAndRemoveOnUninstall"
            <RegistryValue Type="string" Value="[MergeRedirectFolder]lib
\gtk-sharp-2.0\glib" />

which, in WiX-speak, creates a registry key in HKeyLocalMachine\SOFTWARE
\Microsoft\VisualStudio\$(VERSION)\AssemblyFolders\$(DLL) with the path
to where the DLLs live.  This should be really easy to do by hand.

Hope this helps.


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