[Gtk-sharp-list] Installing Gtk# on Windows

Alexy Khrabrov deliverable at gmail.com
Wed Nov 19 14:26:46 EST 2008

Christian -- thanks, that worked!

So now I can reference glib-sharp.dll and gtk-sharp.dll from F#  
directly, and if glue DLLs are on the path, things run fine.  What I  
wonder is, there's much extra files around each DLL, with .config and  
whatnot.  Do any of the extra files help VS, and then how should I try  
to preserve that info?

Should I still try to gacutil the main DLLs into GAC?  Then which  
gacutil should/can I use -- must 1.1 work, and is 3.5 OK?

On Nov 19, 2008, at 1:52 PM, Christian Hoff wrote:

> Sending this to the list as well...
> Alexy Khrabrov schrieb:
>> Greetings -- I've followed instructions in
>> http://www.mail-archive.com/gtk-sharp-list@lists.ximian.com/msg03569.html
>> to build myself a ki'l gtk# 2.12.5 on Windows, it compiled.  However
>> "make install" fails.
>> Where are you supposed to install the DLLs and how?  When I tried to
>> refer gtk-sharp.dll by path, it referred to fine (yay!), but when
>> running, said can't find gtkglue-2.dll.  I found that in gtk/.libs,
>> but VS wouldn't add it to the References!
> First, what is the output of "make install"?
> If you really can't run this command, copy all the glue files in
> glib/glue/.libs, atk/glue/.libs, gdk/glue/.libs, gtk/glue/.libs into a
> common directory and include it into the PATH(Windows XP: control
> panel->System->Advanced->Environment variables->Path) and run "gacutil
> /i .\glib\glib-sharp.dll", "gacutil /i .\atk\atk-sharp.dll", ... to
> install all the assemblies into the global assembly cache. You might
> need a restart for the PATH change to take effect.
>> One my urge was to just do
>> find /path/to/gtk/build -name "*.dll" -exec gacutil -i {} \;
>> -- but then there're all these .config files and whatnot.   
>> Moreover,  
>> it didn't work with the .NET 1.1 gacutil used for building!
> That cannot be.... Did you really use CSC 1.1?

I followed this mailing list walkthrough per


-- and it told be to get .NET 1.1, both runtime and SDK...


>> So I went ahead and installed .NET 3.5.  Should I do the above?  Why
>> can't we use the same latest .NET in the build?
> You might be able to build the libs with 3.5 as well, but I wouldn't
> recommend it. The reason why we didn't switch to .net 2 or 3 is simply
> because we don't need it and want to maintain compatibility with the  
> 1.1
> framework.
>> Cheers,
>> Alexy
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