[MonoDevelop] Creating a pad

José Cornado jose.cornado at gmail.com
Sat Feb 18 20:36:14 UTC 2017


I went through the "create an add-in" how-to and it worked. Now I am trying
to modify it to create a pad. It fails to instantiate the class. No
breakpoints are hit. I see the message that the addin was loaded.

It is probably a line in the configuration files but I can't seem to
pinpoint it.

Thanks a lot!

This is what I have:

namespace PadNS
    public class MyPad : PadContent
        Widget control;

        public MyPad()

        public override Control Control
                return control;

        protected override void Initialize(IPadWindow container)
            control = new VBox();



    <Extension path = "/MonoDevelop/Ide/Pads">
        <Pad id = "PadNS.MyPad"
            class = "PadNS.MyPad"
            group = "Logs"


using System;
using Mono.Addins;
using Mono.Addins.Description;

[assembly: Addin(
    Namespace = "PadNS",
    Version = "1.0"

[assembly: AddinName("MyAddIn")]
[assembly: AddinCategory("IDE extensions")]
[assembly: AddinDescription("MyPad")]
[assembly: AddinAuthor("jose")]
[assembly: AddinDependency("::MonoDevelop.Core", MonoDevelop.BuildInfo
[assembly: AddinDependency("::MonoDevelop.Ide", MonoDevelop.BuildInfo
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