[MonoDevelop] Running Xunit.net Tests

James Evensen green_jaed at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 6 05:09:29 UTC 2015

How do I run xUnit.net unit tests from Monodevelop?  I have version 5.9.6 installed on Linux Mint Debian Edition and have installed the xUnit.NET testing framework support Add-In.  I have a test project that I installed the xUnit.NET NuGet package to and wrote some test in it.  AFAIK I have set up everything correctly.

However, the Unit Tests pad is empty and I can't run any tests from Run -> Run Unit Tests.  I've tried researching what to do, but I can't find anything helpful.  What am I missing and how do I run these tests?  I've never set up unit testing before so any information would be helpful.
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