[MonoDevelop] Need info on mono workspace

Prashanth Mn contactmnp at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 06:58:31 UTC 2015

We already have a product which runs on set-top box(embedded) which was
developed using C#, .net framework.  During development we have used
windowsCE 5.0 (compact framework) project type.  Now i want to compile the
same project on Linux (ubuntu v14.04) using MonoDevelop. Below are the
packages i've installed.

apt-get install mono-devel
apt-get install mono-complete
apt-get install referenceassemblies-pcl

I've installed MonoDevelop and tried to open the project.  It says, "This
project type not supported by Mono".

Please suggest how to compile this windowsCE based compact framework in
Is there any specific MonoDevelop package available for embedded projects?
Do i need to install some packages on top of the existing Mono?

Thanks in advance

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