[MonoDevelop] add-in pre build event

Andres G. Aragoneses knocte at gmail.com
Mon Jun 22 14:32:05 UTC 2015

On 22/06/15 11:53, Andres G. Aragoneses wrote:
> On 22/06/15 11:44, Matt Ward wrote:
>> It could watch for changes but currently there is no plan to implement
>> this.
>> If the NuGet addin started watching for changes then it probably should
>> handle uninstalling/installing NuGet packages based on how it has been
>> edited, and also support code completion for NuGet packages. Although I
>> am not sure many people would this feature since I do not know of many
>> people that edit the packages.confg file by hand, it is usually easier
>> to use the GUI.
> I wasn't suggesting supporting the use-case of packages.config file
> edition, but rather just the add-in being aware that it can change,
> mainly due to updating your repository (git pull).

Even easier, instead of watching for changes on the packages.config 
file, you could make a hash of its contents when doing a restore 
operation, and whenever a build is started, hash the contents again, if 
they are different from the previous run, do a restore again before the 

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