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TheWind777 TheWind777 at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 3 11:21:31 UTC 2015

Well, I said I would keep you posted...

Initial experiments are not looking good.

I figured that the .ICO format was the most probable format that would work
in the manner I suggested (embed many different-sized pictures inside one
file of the sizes they recommended).

Found a great on-line site which does it for you if you send them 512x512


You browse to the 512x512 version, do GO and then download the ICO file a
few seconds later.

It will then create an associated .ICO file from that 512x512 that includes
all of the scaled-down versions of the size that had sounded it would work
with Icon Factory and allow you to add them as an Icon.

I uploaded the .ico files to the Raspberry PI... I did an 'Add->Add Files'
to the project, set them to Build Action->EmbeddedResource. Then I went to
User Interface, Stock Icons on the left, clicked the menu button. Edit
Project Icons and I tried some with a 'Single Source Icon' and others with
two as a 'Multiple Source Icon'... 

Did exactly the same thing that it did when I just tried loading a
single-sized PNG. It showed the proper picture for the icon in the window...
but when I added it to the button - it still just showed the name I had
given it as an Icon - not the actual picture on the button; exactly what it
had done with a PNG image.

So, yes, it seemed to recognize the ICO file properly as an image; but it
didn't work any better than when I just used a PNG.

Next, I will try single-sized images. I will try some that are 64x64, some
that are 32x32, 16x16... etc. and see if any of them show up on the buttons.

Also, I will try doing .svg format and see if that works. I installed and
experimented with the (free) inkstand svg program. It sometimes would load
in my image and show a window that had the different sized icons (32x32,
etc.); and at other times it wouldn't. When I saved it out as an .svg,
however, it just saved it out as the same resolution it had been when it had
loaded in as a PNG.

Experiments, experiments... something has to work. They load their own
icons; so I'm sure if I eventually do the same thing as they do - it should
show a picture just like their stock icons do.

I tried, again, looking for the stock icons as type ico and as type svg and
didn't find them anywhere. The Linux system doesn't have to have the
three-letter extension, though... so that doesn't really mean that they
can't be hiding in ico or svg format, somewhere.

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