[MonoDevelop] Changing NUnit version used inside monodevelop

Dan Liew dan at su-root.co.uk
Tue Oct 21 17:07:50 UTC 2014


Two questions.

* Does anyone know why mono ships an old version NUnit (2.4.8) rather
than the latest stable (2.6.3)?

* Is it possible to install NUnit 2.6.3 and have monodevelop use it?

For background I'm using

- Arch Linux
- Mono 3.10
- Monodevelop 5.0.1

I managed to build NUnit 2.6.3 from source [1], the build partially
fails due to missing files for the tests but the rest seems to build
fine. Is it possible to install these newly built NUnit dlls and the
console runner so that monodevelop will use them?

I presume the right way to do that is to install the dlls to the GAC
but I'm not sure how to do that safely.

Any help would be appreciated.

[1] http://launchpad.net/nunitv2/trunk/2.6.3/+download/NUnit-2.6.3-src.zip

Dan Liew
PhD Student - Imperial College London

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