[MonoDevelop] Open "Add files" dialog inside specific project folder

Claudio Santos claudiosf1 at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 22 15:10:01 UTC 2014

Hello there,Previously on MonoDevelop 3.x (I can't remember which specific version I had on Ubuntu 12.04), when I right clicked a folder inside my project and selected "Add existing files", the file picker dialog would be opened inside that particular folder, which is very convenient (especially for projects with tons of folders).
After migrating to Ubuntu 14.04, I got MonoDevelop 4.0.12, where the default behavior is to always open the file picker where it was left the last time I opened it, which is very counterproductive. I tried to find a settings item to change this behavior, but couldn't find anything. Is it possible to change it back? Or is it a bug? If that helps, I'm using gnome shell 3.10.4, and mono 3.2.8. 		 	   		  
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