[MonoDevelop] Reporting 4.1.13 bugs

Mahesh Subramanian maheshpec123 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 8 20:28:05 UTC 2013

Hi all,
I am total n00b to open source development. So, please excuse if I did not
communicate this properly.  I downloaded the source from git and ran it..
1. While opening a project that I had created in monodevelop 3.*, I noticed
that other  than the first tab none of them were displaying the file name.
How can I report this as a bug in bugzilla? It currently has options only
for 4.1.12.
2. Also, I noticed that it was taking up 100% cpu when the monodevelop
solution is open. I am running it in ubuntu 13.10 in a virtual box vm.
3. The documentation for building monodevelop in ubuntu is out of date. How
can I contribute to update this?

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