[MonoDevelop] Trouble running cmd in debug context

Егор Харват zaynyatyi at gmail.com
Sat Nov 2 21:15:24 UTC 2013

I have standart code in Run function in my binding addin

 public static void Run (OpenFLProject project, OpenFLProjectConfiguration
configuration, IProgressMonitor monitor, ExecutionContext context)
    ExecutionCommand cmd = CreateExecutionCommand (project, configuration);
    IConsole console;
    if (configuration.ExternalConsole) {
        console = context.ExternalConsoleFactory.CreateConsole (false);
    } else {
        console = context.ConsoleFactory.CreateConsole (false);
    AggregatedOperationMonitor operationMonitor = new
AggregatedOperationMonitor (monitor);
        if (!context.ExecutionHandler.CanExecute (cmd))
            monitor.ReportError (String.Format ("Cannot execute '{0}'.", cmd
.Target), null);

        IProcessAsyncOperation operation = context.ExecutionHandler.Execute
(cmd, console);
        operationMonitor.AddOperation (operation);
        operation.WaitForCompleted ();
        monitor.Log.WriteLine ("Player exited with code {0}.", operation.
    catch (Exception)
        monitor.ReportError (String.Format ("Error while executing '{0}'.",
cmd.Target), null);
        operationMonitor.Dispose ();
        console.Dispose ();
When i'm trying to run project in monodevelop it starts ok, but when i'm
running it as "Start Debugging" my process doesn't start. Everything is
creating (cmd, console, operation, etc), but my executable does not appears
at all.
How can i fix it?
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