[MonoDevelop] Applying policies from the command line

Mart Sõmermaa mrts.pydev at gmail.com
Tue Jan 29 15:07:57 UTC 2013


Have there been any discussions around running the MonoDevelop policy tool
from the command line?

It is an excellent tool and a it would be nice to apply consistent code
formatting and
other policies  across a project automatically where not all people use
as the main developer UI.

Perhaps something in the lines of

  mdtool applypolicy file.cs # apply default policy to file.cs

  mdtool applypolicy -r dir # recursively apply default policy to all files
in directory dir

  mdtool applypolicy -f policyfile file.cs # apply policy from file

  mdtool applypolicy -p Mono file.cs # apply the stock or custom policy
labeled 'Mono'

If not and someone cares to point me to the right direction (what modules
to look into,
any concerns that you foresee etc) I might look into this myself.

Thanks for the good work!

Mart Sõmermaa
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