[MonoDevelop] Memory Leakage Problem in MT

Eckert, Isaac Isaac.Eckert at fanucrobotics.com
Wed Jan 16 18:29:47 UTC 2013

Mr. S.SirBharanidharan,

Maybe I can help?

I am not affiliate with Xamarin or MonoDevelop but I am MonoTouch developer and I receive e-mails send to this list.  Without sharing the source code, you are the only one that can track down the leak.  Your best option is to become very familiar with MonoDevelop's Profiler and with tracking down memory leaks in general.

My number one advice is to keep pounding at Google and keep pounding at your code until you find the problem.  Here is a brief list of steps I took to find where my application was leaking:

Step 1: read Xamarin's article on using the MonoDevelop profiler here: http://docs.xamarin.com/ios/Guides/Deployment%252c_Testing%252c_and_Metrics/Monotouch_Profiler
Step 2: Always double check a possible memory leak to rule out the gargage collector
Step 3: Repeatedly visit one application screen at a time with on demand heap shots between each visit.  Look for one or more related data type that increase significantly
Step 4: Look for common causes for the leak. (Event handlers, delegates, static variables)  Try removing code in areas related to the increased data types.

(In my application I found that I needed to remove data source delegates from the UITable when the view disappears I had data large amounts of data and UITables don't go away very quickly.  Whatever the case, clearing the data source delegate fixed my leak.)

If that does not work:
Step 1: Find the simplest path to crash the app (example: repeatedly switching between two views without doing anything else)
Step 2: Systematically remove code, while maintaining navigation, until the crash stops.  Then, try slowly adding code back.

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     I'm facing the big memory leakage problem in my MT project. In My application its taking 100 MB with in 5-8 mins of interval. I'm nearly 5 MB of Images in my application. Total size of my project is ipa size is 8 MB.

     I gone through lot of article regarding the memory leakage, but still i didn't get any solution. Even though i put my bugs in http://bugzilla.xamarin.com/ (BUG:9442) no improvement for my issue. They asking test case for memory leakage i don't know how to produce the test case. Tester didn't aware about the scenario for the crash, It will crash randomly.

     I also post my issue in xamarin private support but they asking my source code. That's not possible to share the source code except my client. And I upgraded the MT from 5.2 to 6.0.8 the result is negative, Its crashing again. I don't know why? please revert back with good solution

Thanking you,

With Regards,

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