[MonoDevelop] Commiting a single file to svn with Xam Studio 4.0.4

IBBoard ibboard at gmail.com
Fri Apr 19 19:41:24 UTC 2013

I believe this is a "Feature" as it has always been like that (as far as 
I can remember). The MD/Xamarin guys must never commit separate files.

If you do modify multiple files in a directory but only want to commit 
the changes in just one then you have to use the Version Control > 
Review Changes action and untick the files you don't want to commit.

I guess that the idea might be to reduce the likelihood of people 
committing breaking changes by committing just one file when those 
changes rely on changes in other files.

On 19/04/13 12:11, Paul Johnson wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm not sure if this is just my setup or a bug in Xam Studio 4.0.4 so
> I'll throw it open here before I put it onto BZ.
> I've a number of projects under svn control, two of which are under
> active development. While I can commit the content of directory by
> selecting the directory and selecting to commit (right click, version
> control, commit), if I do the same with a single file, I can't commit.
> I can't see anything obvious in the settings for this.
> Any suggestions on if this is a bug or if this is just down to one of my
> settings?
> Paul

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