[MonoDevelop] how to create dynamic waveform in the monodevelop?

Demi dengminsmile0515 at yeah.net
Sat Apr 6 01:25:21 UTC 2013

everybody.I use monodevelop in Ubuntu12.04.
I want to create the dynamic waveform for *electrocardiogram,
First,I tried ZedGraph,but ,It did not work,because ZedGraph is not the
Then,I found the Nplot.Gtk,which is available for Gtk#,but ,I don't know
how to use it.
Finally ,I found Medsphere.Widgets,which is available for
monodevelop,can created waveform ,which dose not dynamically show the
So,I am confused to create dynamic waveform in monodevelop.
Please ,Give me a hand.
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