[MonoDevelop] Building a mac C# Console app?

John Colgrove alpha.omega23 at ymail.com
Thu Nov 15 20:11:04 UTC 2012

I didn't realize I could run console apps on a mac. I'm still somewhat new to the mac environment. That saves me the pain of putting the apps in dropbox or something then moving over to my windows desktop and running it on that.

On Nov 15, 2012, at 12:59 PM, Adam Connelly <adam.rpconnelly at gmail.com> wrote:

> .net console apps always produce a .exe output, but you can run that
> on your mac. Just type 'mono myapp.exe' and it should run.
> I believe there's a monomac project that lets you do something more
> sophisticated, but you don't need it to just run a console app.
> On 15 Nov 2012, at 14:56, John Colgrove <alpha.omega23 at ymail.com> wrote:
>> Hello everyone. As I start learning C#, I'm building all of the applications I make without help from the books but I'm noticing that all of the console apps are in .exe format. I'd rather not move to my windows computer in order to test the console apps. Is there any way to build a console app for the mac instead? I looked but found no way at all to build one.
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