[MonoDevelop] Not stored in the database SQL Server 2005

Daniel Mendez demendezr at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 15:40:46 UTC 2012

Greetings, I have a problem and if it is not in Monodevelop IDE or
Mono 2.10.8. When recording control information in the database is stored
so good when there are no accents or ñ, but if there is a tick or some n,
no information is saved. My database is in SQL Server 2005 with
Modern_Spanish_CI_AS coding. Testing from Windows saved everything
perfectly, but testing from Linux Centos 6 is not saved if any accents or ñ.

*Ing. Daniel E. Méndez Romero*
*4R Soft - Tu Solución en línea*
cel: 084281665

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