[MonoDevelop] UTF-16 support?

Megan Clodfelter megan.clodfelter at gmail.com
Mon Mar 26 21:38:48 UTC 2012


I'm new to MonoDevelop, but not new to .NET development.  I have a C# project with UTF-16 characters, that appear not to be interpreted within MonoDevelop. 

One of the .cs files in my Project is of UTF-16 encoding, and that MonoDevelop does not display the characters in the code window, nor will it print out the contents of those character strings.  I dropped that file from that included project and re-added it, but was not given the option to add my file with encoding.

The only place where I saw I could add a file with encoding was in the Open dialog; but that that didn't appear to work either.

I can take my Windows C# file, cut and paste the characters into BBEdit and save on my Mac with encoding set as: UTF-16.  I then locate the file in the Finder and the characters are as I expect.  With the Mono Development environment open, I navigate to my file, select Encoding to "UTF-16" and select Open.

I don't see my characters. I see an empty box where the character should be.

What are the tips and tricks for getting UTF-16 characters to display and print as part of an included project in MonoDevelop?  I'm just not seeing it.

 I am on version

Many thanks;

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