[MonoDevelop] Error building AspNetEdit Plugin

quandary quandary82 at hailmail.net
Tue Jan 17 21:09:58 UTC 2012

Don't waste your time on this.
Just copy a few template texts in a text file, like gridview, a list, 
combobox, label, checkbox, and textbox, and a page_load, button click 
and combobox_indexchanged directive.

A visual designer doesn't do much more anyway, except of course setting 
some attributes and updating the markup accordingly, thereby trashing 
your layout because it's buggy (even in visual studio).

Besides, you only need this "designer" for web forms anyway.
You should think about upgrading from WebForms to MVC (version 3 
current, version 4 pending, mono is still using version 2, but you can 
use mvc3 via localcopy).

This means using AJAX and JSON, and saying bye-bye to postbacks and 
WebForm controls.
If you start developing something new with WebForms today, then you're 
really doing something pretty stupid...

WebForms is user unfriendly, usability is miserable, and on top of that, 
all the postback create a debugging nightmare that set off the initially 
lower development time by many times.
Plus you can't really create unit tests, and the constant viewstate 
transfers make the ASP.NET application slower than PHP, although PHP is 
interpreted, and compiled C# alone is far faster.

And last but not least, keep in mind that MonoDevelop is somewhat less 
advanced than VisualStudio.
In the current state, it's extremely useful for debugging, compiling and 
fixing your applications on Linux, but for primary development, it just 
has to catch up a little bit more.

Though you can use it for development.
I have, and it ain't that bad, at least for MVC.
In terms of speed, it's even better than VisualStudio.

The only real problem left so far is that it doesn't check whether port 
8080 is already in use (e.g. by tomcat6) when it tries to open a 
development server on that port :)

On 01/17/2012 05:52 PM, Sharique uddin Ahmed Farooqui wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to build AspNetEdit building .with latest MD 2.8.5. I got
> few errors. I fixed other except this lastone
> /home/sharique/Projects/fossProjects/monodevelop/extras/AspNetEdit/AspNetEdit.Integration/AspNetEditViewContent.cs(44,44):Error
> CS1715: `AspNetEdit.Integration.AspNetEditViewContent.Control': type
> must be `Gtk.Widget' to match overridden
> member`MonoDevelop.Ide.Gui.AbstractBaseViewContent.Control' (CS1715)
> (AspNetEdit)
> It fails to convertMonoDevelop.Ide.Gui.AbstractBaseViewContent.Control
> to Gtk.Widget. It looks like a lot of MD infrastructure is changed.
> Can somebody help me on it?
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