[MonoDevelop] cross platform development issues

Daniel Hughes trampster at gmail.com
Fri Aug 3 10:49:58 UTC 2012

I use mono develop for the cross platform development of Wide Margin
(ubuntu and windows) and the whole I find it to be a very good IDE, It has
several features I which I could use in Visual Studio.

There are how two bugs in mono develop which makes using it for cross
platform development very frustrating.

Bug 321 - Monodevelop creates Package entries in References which don't
properly load on Windows
On ubuntu MonoDevelop adds package tags to assembly references, however on
windows these package tags mean that the references cannot be resolved.
This means that every single time you change anything to do with and
project file MonoDevelop adds these package tags back in. The next time you
pull on windows the project will fail to build until you manually fix the
project files or remove and then re-add the assembly references. worse then
this the package tags seem to offer no value at all to me even on ubuntu. I
asked the debian packaging people and they confirm that they do not use
this information to build deb packages. And my deb packages build just fine
after I remove these tags. It seems to me that these tags serve no purpose
other then to make cross platform development with MonoDevelop a nightmare.
I cannot find anyway to tell monodevelop not to include these package tags.

Bug 2237 - GTK designer generated code does not respect line ending policy
on windows
This one claims to be fixed on 2012-04-13 , but if it is I don't know where
as it is still a problem in (released June 18, 2012).
This means that every time you build the line endings get changed. This has
the magical ability to turn nearly any change into a conflict.

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