[MonoDevelop] Normal button GTK# style

pinggi at centrum.cz pinggi at centrum.cz
Sun Sep 11 16:30:04 EDT 2011

I'm importing gtkrc style to my GTK# app.
gtkrc style file looks like following:
gtk_color_scheme = "red:#ff0000"

style "mybuttonstyle"
  bg[NORMAL]        = @red
  bg[PRELIGHT]      = @red 
  bg[SELECTED]	    = @red 
  bg[INSENSITIVE]   = @red 
  bg[ACTIVE]        = @red

class "GtkButton"    style "mybuttonstyle"

By this whole button should be red, but it is red only when it is clicked. Like this: http://img846.imageshack.us/img846/9971/formdd.png
It runs on Windows 7 64bit.

Does anybody know why?

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