[MonoDevelop] DocFood is not in addins!

pinggi at centrum.cz pinggi at centrum.cz
Sun Sep 11 15:44:35 EDT 2011

I downloaded and installed Monodevelop 2.6 and there is no DocFood add-in as it is written at http://monodevelop.com/Download/What%27s_new_in_MonoDevelop_2.6.
I tried to write double slash and press tab in the code window, but nothing happened. I looked at the "Tools->Add-in Manager" dialog and DocFood add-in is not listed there.
Here is my list of installed add-ins: http://img199.imageshack.us/img199/4250/addins.png. Updates tab is empty and Gallery contains only one Subversion Add-in. Refresh button doesn't help.
What to do now? How it comes that it is not installed by default?
Thanks for help!

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