[MonoDevelop] Do you have the same issues with Monodevelop 2.6?

pinggi at centrum.cz pinggi at centrum.cz
Sun Sep 11 14:53:16 EDT 2011

Hi, I develop with Monodevelop 2.6 on Windows 7 64bit and I am curious if you have the same issues like me with that.

1. Layout - it is not switched right sometimes. E.g. I click "User Interface/MainWindow" to get to "Visual Design" but layout stays on "Solution" and I have to manually change that.
   I already have checked Tools->Options->Visual Style->GTK# Designer->Automatically switch to the "GUI Builder" layout when opening the designer. Also when I double click the signal it goes to the created method but layout
   is not changed properly. It is strange that sometimes it is working. 
2. Moving files to folder in Source tree - I created new folder and wanted to move file to that folder, but file went back to his postion. After several attempts, the file was added to that folder but another new folder - a copy
   of the solution folder was added to the solution! I had to close solution and open it again to remove that strange folder.
3. Debugging - slow and sometimes it doesn't show you value of the property - instead of it I get: "Process not synchronized. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131302)".
4. Designer - Properties TreeView doesn't remember its position. E.g. I'm in designer and find some property to change it, but need to go to code to check someting. Then I go back to designer. I need to expand categories and 
find the property again.
5. There is Solution window and Classes window on the left side. I have them next to each other and switching beetween them by clicking the tabs on the bottom but it is not possible to order them.
   E.g. if I want to have "Classes" as first tab.
6. And one accident what happened to me. I deleted "User Interface" folder from the project by accident and didn't know how to get it back. I copied the same files from another project to my project, but it didn't work.
   How the designer is actually wired-up with the files in the project? 

These issues are really annoying and stops my development process.
Do you have the same issues there or is that related to me only?
I'm thinking about reporting them as bugs.

Thanks in advance!

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