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I use Java/Eclipse at work and got quite used to HgEclipse and its 
integration. At home I'm a Mono guy and use Mercurial from the 
command-line (plus Meld and HGView). I don't see the point in bloating 
my file browser with TortoiseHg for Nautilus.

I'd like to see integration as well, but I've got other projects that 
take my time so I'd be limited to testing. There are libraries for 
Mercurial in .Net, but I think they're wrappers around the binary. IIRC 
from the bit of investigation I did into it, that's how the Mercurial 
team prefer it, and they intentionally make all of their code parsable. 
Lluis' first Git bindings wrapped the Git binaries, so perhaps that 
would be a useful base, if you can dig them out of the VCS history?


On 09/10/11 06:35, Joe Dluzen wrote:
> Would be nice of course, but TortoiseHg is so good, I just use that on
> Linux and Windows, even when there's Visual Studio integration
> available.
> Joe
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>> Hi Lluis,
>> Is Mercurial support still planned for a particular version?
>> Is someone working on it?
>> I think if no one else is working on it, I might give it a shot.  I was
>> planning on doing something on top of the command line first (and possibly
>> stopping there).
>> Is that too objectionable since a fully .net solution is preferred?
>> Thanks,
>> Vlad
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