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Miljenko Cvjetko mcvjetko at holisticware.net
Wed Nov 16 03:28:56 EST 2011

Hi Rob

On 2011.11.15 22:43, Rob Wilson wrote:
> Hi,
> As a new MonoTouch developer I am a little confused about when to look 
> at monotouch namespaces versus mono, versus the .NET framework.
It is something You'll have to get used to it.
> I plan to use a HTTP client API to get data from the server, I would 
> like to do that asynchronously and then call through to UI specific 
> code for Android / iPhone / Win Phone 7.
Good decision cos WP7 has only async methods, while M4A and MT can work with
sync too. WP7 is (as speaking 2011-11) subset of other so start with WP 
code and
link into others and with partial classes add functionality...

We "downgraded" from desktop towards mobile and have to rewrite bunch of 
stuff to async
> So the HTTP client I want the same across all mobile devices, so I 
> believe that I can use the .NET HttpWebRequest class, but where do I 
> go to determine whether there's a .NET class versus using a monotouch 
> class?

Look above those guys did great job: I have changed only /android/ to 
/ios/ and got into parallel universe!!

If above does not help try like this:
think if this is "common" or "widely used" or "nice-to-have" class if 
the answer  then it exists in Mono*

Or Trial and error... In VS if compiles with M4A it is most likely in 
MT... On Mac you can test both M4A and MT
in Monodevelop, but have to switch to windows to see how it works with WP...
For this testing "what is there" use mac and monodevelop and virtual 
machine with windows + VS2010
put Your projects into shared folder and switch between.... 
Mac+Monodevelop adn Win+VS

and SSD is really a win....

> Likewise, for threading, I know iPhone have a couple of ways of doing 
> it in Objective C, so do I find a monotouch version or try to find an 
> API that wraps the objective C libraries?

Not really some-common ones are in Mono. assemblies

> I imagine that iPhone stuff will all be in namespaces prefixed 
> 'monotouch.x',  so where would the Android namespaces be? (Note I've 
> only downloaded an installed the iPhone Monotouch, so maybe they are 
> both prefixed monotouch?).
see links above but platform specific are in:

  * Monotouch.dll
    NS*, UIKIT, all those with funny prefixes AV* etc... see iOS - Apple
  * Mono.android.dll
    android bindings!

> My thought that anything I want generic (across all mobile platforms) 
> should be from the ,NET framework, anything mobile-specific to use 
> monotouch namespaces?
Most generic will be in Your Business Layer (we have approx 80-90% code 
But it depends... We had to "patch" small glitches between Silverlight 
normal and for WP (as
far as I can remember it was in IsolatedStorage something with arguments 
for opening a file)

UI is different story, You can share, but it is quite a lot work...

> Any guidance will be appreciated.

Hope this helped


> Regards,
> Rob.
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