[MonoDevelop] Confusion - MonoTouch / Mono / .NET framework

Rob Wilson netplay at gmail.com
Tue Nov 15 16:43:21 EST 2011


As a new MonoTouch developer I am a little confused about when to look at
monotouch namespaces versus mono, versus the .NET framework.

I plan to use a HTTP client API to get data from the server, I would like
to do that asynchronously and then call through to UI specific code for
Android / iPhone / Win Phone 7.

So the HTTP client I want the same across all mobile devices, so I believe
that I can use the .NET HttpWebRequest class, but where do I go to
determine whether there's a .NET class versus using a monotouch class?

Likewise, for threading, I know iPhone have a couple of ways of doing it in
Objective C, so do I find a monotouch version or try to find an API that
wraps the objective C libraries?

I imagine that iPhone stuff will all be in namespaces prefixed
'monotouch.x',  so where would the Android namespaces be? (Note I've only
downloaded an installed the iPhone Monotouch, so maybe they are both
prefixed monotouch?).

My thought that anything I want generic (across all mobile platforms)
should be from the ,NET framework, anything mobile-specific to use
monotouch namespaces?

Any guidance will be appreciated.

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