[MonoDevelop] GTK# references for MD 2.8.1 on ubuntu 11.10

Ian Norton ian.norton-badrul at thales-esecurity.com
Wed Nov 9 16:10:18 EST 2011

The scripts use checkinstall so can generate rpms too, although I've hard coded the dependencies to debian/ubuntu ones for the moment
I may have used dictation software to write this email, please excuse any confusing mistakes.

Miljenko Cvjetko <mcvjetko at holisticware.net> wrote:

>If needed we can drop-in our 2 cents with set of scripts for mono on
>Thode should work on other flavors of RH as well.
>Those were heavily tested with 2.6.2 <= v <= 2.8.2, but then we have
>project using those, because there were not enough resources to
>(heavily tested wi
>On 2011.11.09 08:46, Ian Norton wrote:
>> On Tue, Nov 01, 2011 at 09:45:32PM +0000, Doug Blank wrote:
>>> On Tue, Nov 1, 2011 at 5:35 PM, Ian Norton
>>> <ian.norton-badrul at thales-esecurity.com>  wrote:
>>>> Those are all good goals, we should keep them in mind but I think
>we should start small first, there are no mono built binary packages
>for Linux other than the old suse ones so I think we should start on
>>>> I don't think we should invent a whole build system for this just
>yet :-)
>>> Agreed :)
>>> Some short term goals:
>>> 1) look at making a package of mono, monodevelop, and dependencies
>>> rpm, deb, and tar-ball for Linux
>>> 2) explore what has been used before
>>> 3) there are many optional packages that could be constructed:
>>> - 32/64 bit
>>> - targeting sdk 2 or sdk 4 (perhaps just target one for now)
>>> - binary-only, with-source
>>> 4) setup a github repository and start collecting things
>>> 5) setup some documentation/lists on the web
>>> That would be a good start. Even if we just have a place where
>>> can go to see what they need to build it themselves, that will be a
>>> step forward. Then we can build the packages, have a place to
>>> them, and then get them into the distros themselves.
>> I've been messing about with some scripts to build deb packages for
>linux on
>> top of ubuntu 11.10. These should essentially provide everything
>> 2.8.1 needs to run on top of a parallel mono 2.10.6, When newer mono
>> tarballs are released I'll update to reflect that.
>> I'll probably post this to the mono-list too as of course, it
>includes mono
>> packages.
>> I've aimed at creating packages suitable to be treated as a "parallel
>> install" rather than replacing those provided by the distros. The
>debian and
>> ubuntu packaging efforts are aimed at stability and providing
>> for mono programs and libraries that form part of the installed OS,
>so not
>> a good fit for people wishing to try out the newest mono and
>monodevelop. My
>> efforts will never replace the debian or ubuntu official distro
>> Anyhoo, I've made enough progress to build mono and libgdiplus debs
>using this.
>> https://github.com/inorton/mono-ubuntu-build
>> With some tinkering the scripts could also be 'build parallel mono
>for any
>> linux' (i'll just need to make the checkinstall step optional)
>> I'm planning on finding a home for an apt repo for the outputs soon
>aswell as
>> actually writing a README.  When I get some time later this week I'll
>get it
>> installing mono-tools and hopefully monodevelop.
>> Best Regards
>> Ian
>>> -Doug
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