[MonoDevelop] How to setup GIT Repository with MonoDevelop 2. 6 beta 2?

Ian Norton inb at ncipher.com
Wed May 11 02:05:52 EDT 2011

Ive always found it best to clone and pull on the commandline and use md for plain editing and occasional diff

"Rodney Foley" <rsfoley at gnomesoft.com> wrote:

>Is there NO ONE who can help me get GIT via SSH working in MonoDevelop
>beta 2? I don't know how to populate any field but the URL one and the
>one says it is invalid, and it doesn't auto populate the rest of the
>Here is an example of the URL provided by my source hosting provider
>CodeSpaces. I changed the company name and repository name that where
>in the
>URL for the example since they are not important to the issue.
>Supposedly I should be able to do a "git clone
>ssh://git@codespaces.com:companyname/repositoryname" and get a clone of
>repository.  So I am not sure what MonoDevelop is looking for, and
>there is
>no documentation yet on this and it is still in beta so who knows much
>it but the the person or people who actually wrote it right now.
>Please anyone who has used MonoDevelop 2.6 beta 2 to connect to a GIT
>SSH please let me know how you got it to work.
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