[MonoDevelop] How to contribute to Mono Documentation Library?

Nicolas Krzywinski opensource at site7even.de
Wed Jun 8 11:11:04 EDT 2011


I recently started developing with Monodevelop. Now I wonder how to upload  
my modifications to the Mono Documentation Library that I call from within  

When selecting Contributing => Upload Contributions... a dialog pops up,  
talking about "Communications problems".
When selecting Contributing => View Contributing Statistics a dialog pops  
up, explaining me of not having a contribution key.

This http://mono-project.com/Contributing and similar pages explain only  
the style and the need of documentation.
A search like e. g. this one  
does not help either.

I assume that being as hard as it is to start contributing to the docs, it  
would be no surprise if there is not much contribution at all (if this is  
the case, I cannot tell...).

Can anyone explain the inside mechanics of contribution keys?

Thanks in advance,
Nicolas Krzywinski

www.site7even.de | www.nskcomputing.de

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